Discover the lands and history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with us! Our hunting and touring trips are always custom made for each client, and we provide assistance with our staff from the moment of booking until the departure.

Below you will find more information. Do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to or by calling 00420 739 265 953 (also WhatsApp).


Our hunts take place in top class areas with the help of professional hunters. The species that can be hunted are red deer, white deer, fallow deer (with the classic, dark brown-black and white coat), mouflon, roe deer, wild boar, Japanese sika deer, Dybowski sika deer, white-tailed deer, Alpine chamois, Balkan chamois, Alpine Ibex, Kri Kri ibex, Dalmatian sheep, feral goat, Axis deer, capercaillie, black grouse, pheasant, duck and goose.

The hunter can choose from a wide variety of terrains (flat, hilly, and mountainous).
We will help you choose the areas that best meet your needs or wishes.
In addition to free range, we have many large historical fenced areas sizing from 300 to 4000 thousand hectares at your disposal. These fenced areas guarantee very natural hunting thanks to their size and the fact that they are largely covered by forests. Hunting is organized as still hunting or stalking.
In addition to individual hunts, we offer wild boar driven hunts and mixed driven hunts (wild boars, deer, mouflons....). Last but not least, we arrange top notch British style driven ducks and pheasants shoots in areas that are very popular among demanding guns from all over the world. Hunt in the Central Europe is an experience in historical places with centuries of hunting traditions and rituals, which have been kept up to our modern days.


This part of old Europe boasts an impressive number of places that alone are worth the trip. Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb and countless small towns rich in history and culture. Marvellous natural parks, some of Europe's most beautiful mountains, big lakes and green hills complete the tourist offer. Golf, horseback riding, spa tourism, hiking, climbing, skiing, biking, fishing, eno-gastronomic tourism, are some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay. With first-class services provided by tour guides, golf coaches, mountain guides, sommeliers, etc.
On request we can accommodate special requests such as taking part in a cooking course, driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari on a racetrack, visiting a museum guided by an art critic, booking an evening at the opera or theatre, booking an appointment for a personalized shopping in one of Europe's oldest hunting firearms and clothing shops.

We usually put together a tour package for hunters and one for non-hunting guests who have more time for sightseeing.


Our guests can enjoy a stay in 5-star hotels in big cities and/or small town from which they can easily reach the hunting areas (never more than an hour's drive, often only 20-30 minutes).
We prefer hotels set in chateaus, where guests can enjoy not only modern luxury, but also the atmosphere of times gone by.

The choice of hotel and room is made according to the wishes and needs of each guest.


A luxury gastronomic offer for us means either dining in starred, award-winning restaurants or enjoying local cuisine in a small country restaurant we have chosen for you where you will be welcomed like one of the family.

It will be something you will remember with pleasure when you return to your country. In addition to the restaurants, we will recommend the historical cafés where you can take a pleasant break for coffee, tea or an aperitif, and the shops where you can buy typical delicacies.


Guests are provided with a chauffeur-driven car service for the whole duration of their stay.

You will travel in comfortable Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus etc.
We take care in detail of the timetable for the day, so that you only need to get into your car at the scheduled time.


By opening the 5 PDFs below, you will find an overview of the individual countries:
Czech Republic
Slovenia and Croatia.

With some general information about the hunting areas, the species that can be hunted and the hunting season for the different games and some pictures of very strong trophies.

You will also find a few notes on the history of hunting in that country, a brief presentation of the touring offer and a description of some of the hotels where our guests stay.

Of course, we will prepare an individual offer with prices based on your specifications, and your stay can last from a few days to four weeks if you wish to visit several countries and hunt in different areas.


We chose not to publish prices because it would not make sense since we are talking about customized offers.
Nevertheless, we attach great importance to being very transparent in this regard and you will receive a very detailed offer specifying the various costs.

These are always price lists of the suppliers of the various services.
In addition, we charge a fee for our work that varies according to the duration and complexity of the organised stay.


We take care of applying for the temporary hunting licence and insurance that is required to hunt in the various countries.
The temporary licence is issued on the basis of a valid passport and a hunting licence or another license-permit that allows you to hunt in your country.


Should you wish to travel with your rifle-shotguns, we will assist you to ensure compliance with the procedures applied in the various countries.
As an alternative, you can rent quality rifles or shotguns on site.

We are well aware that hunters rightly prefer to use their own rifle-shotguns, but this is not always the best solution.
We generally recommend bringing your own weapon in the case of a short stay with hunting in only one area. If you are planning a long stay with hunting in several areas, we recommend renting, as transport and safe keeping can be troublesome.


Trophies are usually prepared by our trusted taxidermists as shoulder mount, fan mount or full mount. Of course, European preparation by boiling and bleaching is also possible.

Alternatively, the trophies are subjected to the necessary treatment so that they can be shipped and prepared by your trusted taxidermist.
We take care of the shipping to your address by providing all the necessary documentation.