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The Chamois is found in terrestrial. rocky areas and alpine pastures in the mountains of Europe. The adult size of this mountain antelope, sometimes called a mountain "goat", is 75-85 cm long and 70-90 cm high, with weight of 24-36 kg.

The short, smooth summer coat is overall tawny or reddish-brown, while in winter it becomes a chocolate brown. The jaw, cheeks, and nose-bridge are strikingly white, and there is a black stripe running from the eye to the muzzle.

The slender, black horns are found in both sexes. Rising vertically from the forehead, they are sharply curved backwards on their top third like hooks, and can reach a length of 32 cm / 12.8 inches. The ability of this animal to move about with ease among rocks in relatively inaccessible terrain is due mainly to the structure of the hooves, which have an elastic base and a hard thin edge.